Lisa raye mccoy dating bishop noel jones

fit=187,250" data-large-file="https://i2com/ fit=450,600" src="https://i2com/ Lisa Ray Mc Coy most likely has a serious boyfried, but she swears she doesn't have a fiance.Rumors went around about her getting engaged to megachurch pastor Noel Jones in November 2011, but looks like the buzz was all unfounded.

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Mc Coy denied having a rock on her finger soon after the rumors went wild. Now, this tweet didn't confirm or deny that she's in a relationship with Jones, so you'll have to just use your best judgement on that one.

“Come on come on y’all…IF I was engaged u would see a ring 1st of all AND that wouldn’t b a secret becuz 1 would b happy u think? Mc Coy's previous relationships include a relationship in which she had a daughter named Kai, and a marriage to Premier Michael Misick.

Our baby Now I’m sorry Miss Stacy its always some shyt with you.

First years ago a ONE HIT wonder with X-Girlfriend, then to come back years later to revive a ‘WHATEVER” career dating Ray J, then fighting with Whitney Houston, Fighting publicly in a Atlanta Airport and now you mean to tell me that you would stoop so low to sleep with a BISHOP!!!!!

Lisa raye mccoy dating bishop noel jones