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The men's 800 will have a hard-time of living up to the excitement it produced four years ago in Eugene but it's possible as the nature of the event leads itself to great excitement.

The men's 800 very well could be the one event at the Trials where everyone in the finals has a legitimate shot of finishing in the top 3 and making it to the Olympics.

(Editor's note: We are trying to preview each of the mid-d and distance events at the 2012 US Olympic Track and Field Trials prior to the their start.

The 800 first round gets under way on Day 1, along with the men's 10,000m (preview here) and women's 10,000 (preview here). For the women's 800 preview click here) The men's 800 final was certainly one of the highlights of the 2008 US Olympic Track and Field Trials as after a Christian Smith dive across the finish line (click here for an amazing photo of the finish), runners training in Oregon had swept the top 3 finishes.