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I wanted to be a writer, I told him, and I had clear ideas of how a writer’s life ought to look.

Those ideas that did not include being a part of a committed, monogamous relationship.

This action resulted in a far-reaching diminution in ecclesiastical power and deep State involvement in the affairs of the Church.

As the twentieth century began this arrangement had reached a critical stage for the Church, a situation which was further heightened when Tsar Nicholas II released the manifesto of freedom of religious conscience on April 17, 1905.

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I scratched myself so hard with bitten fingernails that my face was bloody and scabbed. It was not until seven years ago, when I stopped relapsing, got sober and stayed sober, that doctors were able to ascertain exactly what was going on with my brain and prescribe the medication that has saved my life.The urgency for convening a council peaked with the revolution of 1905-1907 and the emperor's manifesto of 1905.The strong consensus in the Church for the need of a council under the principles of conciliarism (sobornost) was not to the liking of the procurator nor the emperor. Better than the feeling of not knowing one’s future, which, before I left my fiancé, had been laid out before me like a yellow brick road. After college, my high school sweetheart and I had moved from the Midwest to New York. Growing up, I had heavily invested in an image of myself as the good, achieving daughter.