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Thing was, he also had been born in the same decade as the kids he was about to address. The guy who looked too young for college algebra had done his homework.

"I'm just sitting down there anxious like, 'Where's our coach? The AD introduced him, and I was like, 'Whoa, what? In reality, he was just employing a mantra he had learned literally at the foot of his famous mom: They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

The once-proud women's basketball program, the one seemingly running on fumes, suddenly was fuming.

Louisiana Tech coach Teresa Weatherspoon, who as a player led the school to a national title during the Reagan administration, had been fired in the wake of a 20-loss season. Athletic director Tommy Mc Clelland's meeting to inform the players had the soothing effect of peroxide.

He said that he and coach Phillip Fulmer had visited Summitt after Alzheimer’s disease was clearly taking its toll, knowing that she would not recognize them.

Though the NCAA Tournament is a long shot, the WNIT is not.

Richard Lapchick for their legacies on and off the court.

The Legends of Basketball Fantasy Weekend is a charitable event to raise funds for the NBRPA’s Dave De Busschere Scholarship Fund and other charitable partners.

Dear Lord, deliver us from the Fantastic Four sequel, Rise of the Silver Surfer. Other than that and the feathered hat, it wasn’t anything I wouldn’t do for the Tar Heels. pm: Oh, so that’s it…Peyton Manning brought Tar Heel Jeff Saturday with him to the game! More importantly, they have looked thoroughly unimpressive, acting as though they were not mentally in it.

Which is probably WAY too much information for you to know about my UNC fandom. The Vols continue to have their way with the Florida defense. Of course, attacking means nothing if you can’t defend. In the second half they showed a flash of the brilliance they’re capable of, but they need to do that for 40 minutes from this point on if they are serious about defending their title.