Updating video card in hp notebook computer perfect dating video

The onboard video is used unless the computer detects that a program would benefit from using the discrete video adapter instead.Memory and storage are probably the two most commonly upgraded components on laptop computers.They're easy to upgrade and have an immediate impact on system performance.Wi-Fi cards are upgraded less frequently, but upgrading them can have a dramatic impact on performance as well, with greater range and faster throughput.From the Control Panel, click System and Security and then click the Check Your Computer’s Windows Experience Index Base Score link. After a few minutes, Windows 7 will provide you with your new and improved score.i want to increase my dedicated video memory(64) of my hp pavilion dv6 because i want to use it to play games.If you’re upgrading an older desktop PC to Windows 7, you might want to take the time to upgrade the graphics card, too.Although digging into the guts of your machine can be a bit intimidating, as long as you do your homework, the process is really quite painless.

Computer memory and video memory have nothing to do with each other.This trick called “towel fix” and used to fix “no video” issue in xbox360. Firefox and some plugins use your graphics card to help speed up the display of web content.Quote the Product number - that's on the third line......If it has a video adapter built into the mboard, you may be able to increase the amount of memory the onboard video uses by changing a setting in the bios.