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The cast have all gone their separate ways in the last few years, but if there's one career that's really blown up since HP ended, it's Emma Watson's.

The British starlet is currently doing the press rounds for #Disney's live remake of #Beauty And The Beast, where she plays inventor Belle opposite Dan Stephen's Beast.

tells the story of Oh, a sensitive alien (played by Parsons) who inadvertently sabotages his race's conquest of Earth; Martin is the captain who orders Oh's arrest, while Rihanna gives voice to Tip Tucci, the refreshingly wry preteen human who goes on a globetrotting adventure with Oh to evade capture.

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EXCLUSIVE: #Harry Potter stars Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton supported Emma Watson at the #Beautyandthe Beast premiere!

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens fall in love in the latest trailer for Disney’s hotly anticipated Beauty and the Beast.

The 30 second clip, which premiered at the Golden Globes, shows Watson as Belle dancing in the arms of Stevens’ Beast.

Cogsworth, voiced nervily by David Ogden Stiers, was originally a grandfather clock before being scaled down; he was a stickler for rules and prone to losing his cool, with hour and minute hands forming an asymmetrical mustache. Finn looked more like the shorter, heavier, round-faced Cogsworth. The dynamic between the characters onscreen (“You pompous, paraffin-headed pea-brain! ”) was really a heightened, cartoonish version of the real-life friction between Ranieri and Finn.

“I think that the characters are what Nik and Will would and could be if it weren’t for social conventions and propriety,” says Pruiksma.