Vba enableevents screenupdating

Also by using a class, you can set it up to handle initializing and releasing the Status Bar automatically.

Once the object goes out of scope it will automatically clean up and release the Status Bar back to Excel.

Some examples with similar approaches can be found in the following links: Dim x As Integer Dim My Timer As Double 'Change this loop as needed. Status Bar = "Progress: " & x & " of 50: " & Format(x / 50, "0%") Next x Application.

Status Bar = False Here's another example using the Status Bar as a progress bar.

In some pivot tables, you might want to prevent people from selecting the "(All)" option in a Report Filter. Name int PI = 1 'get the current item number For Each pi In pf. If you select a different Quarter, the Months filter automatically changes to "(All)".

In this example, the worksheet has Get Pivot Data formulas that refer to a Report Filter cell. Undo Msg Box "Please select a single date." End If Next pf End If exit_Handler: Set pf = Nothing Application. Screen Updating = True End Sub To test the code, select (All) from the Order Date report filter's drop-down list. When you select an item from a report filter's drop-down list, the Pivot Table Update event is triggered. This code is stored on the sheet module for the worksheet on which the pivot table is located.

Worksheet Function | Screen Updating | Display Alerts | Calculation The mother of all objects is Excel itself. The application object gives access to a lot of Excel related options. As a result, Excel VBA closes your Excel file, without asking you to save the changes you made. If your workbook contains many complex formulas, you can speed up your macro by setting calculation to manual. For example, place a command button on your worksheet and add the following code line: When you click the command button on the worksheet, Excel VBA sets calculation to manual. You can verify this by clicking on File, Options, Formulas. Now when you change the value of cell A1, the value of cell B1 is not recalculated.

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Some buttons are Form Controls and other buttons are Active X Controls.

If you right-click a button from Form Controls, the popup menu includes the Assign Macro command.